Invest via Tanggram
Invest regularly towards your goals and time will do the magic.
Invest via Tanggram
Why invest via Tanggram?
Awesome performance Awesome performance Outstanding companies. Let their success be yours.
Big Brands Big brands Exposure to global companies with strong competitive advantages.
No hidden fees No hidden fees All the fees are disclosed in the PDS.
Steady stream of income
*p.a. var
After fees
Minimum Amount
3 Months
Minimum Period
*p.a. var
After fees
Minimum Amount
6 Months
Minimum Period
These rates of return are the maximum potential return that an investor can expect to receive. An investment in the Tanggram Investment Fund (Fund) is not a bank deposit and is subject to greater risk than cash investment products. The rates of return from the Fund are not guaranteed and an investor may lose all or part of the capital invested. All investments are subject to risks, and risks specific to an investment in the Fund are described in the Fund’s product disclosure statement.
Monthly distribution Monthly distribution
Preserving capital Preserving capital
Portfolio diversification Portfolio diversification
Attractive return Attractive return
Less volatility
Turn your small dreams into big wealth
Based on a 5.05% average growth rate per year, and monthly deposit of $200 into Tanggram Investment Fund - Spark Unit Class.
Accumulated Deposits
Accumulated Return

This is a hypothetical illustration of mathematical principles. It is not a prediction or projection of the performance of Tanggram Investment Fund or investment strategy. It assumes monthly contributions at an annual rate of return (compounded annually, net of any application fees which may be applied) and does not account for fees or taxes as well as include the last month deposit. It is for illustrative purposes only and is not indicative of any actual investment.

Earn shopping rewards
Earn shopping rewards
Earn shopping rewards to boost wealth Shopping as usual, while boosting your investments. You can invest your rewards from daily shopping in our Tanggram merchants.
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How do I start to invest?
Read the PDS 1. Read the Tanggram PDSs and choose preferred investment option.
Set initial investment 2. Set your initial investment and provide your financial information.
Complete ID check 3. Complete ID Check.
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